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So… I want to talk to you about a game-changing strategy that can help you make your dream life a reality. As an executive and life coach, I understand the importance of setting aside time to invest in yourself and your dreams, especially when it comes to achieving financial freedom. Are you curious about how […]

Carving Out Time for Your Dream Life: Your Path to Financial Freedom

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Turning Your Business Idea into a Thriving Venture: 5 Proven Strategies

Hey there.  If you’re reading this, I already know something about you. You’re an ambitious professional ready to take that leap from your 9-5 job into the thrilling world of entrepreneurship. I’m Brandi Keiser, your go-to executive coach and life coach, and I’m here to walk beside you on the journey of turning your business […]

As a new coach stepping into the entrepreneurial arena, your mindset isn’t just a part of the game; it is the game. The difference between those who just dream and those who do isn’t only about the actions they take to achieve their goals—it’s the thought that precedes them. To build a successful coaching business, […]

Coachpreneurs: Cultivating a Coaching Mindset for Success

Building Your Personal Brand: A Roadmap to Success in the Coaching Business

Hello there, goal getter! If you’re reading this, you’re likely on the cusp of an exciting journey: launching your own coaching business. As you embark on this path to help others reach their full potential, there’s one crucial factor that can set you apart from the crowd: building your personal brand. I’m your guide to […]

Hey there, ambitious ladies ready to conquer the world of entrepreneurship! If you’re seeking inspiration, insights, and advice to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve come to the right place. I am all about encouraging women to take the leap to entrepreneurship and achieve their dreams. Last year, I launched The Goal Getter’s Life Podcast. This […]

Empowering Podcasts for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Picks

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Taking the Leap: Your Guide to Going Self-Employed and Thriving

Well, hello there, goal-getter! Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of self-employment? If you’re itching to break free from the 9-to-5 grind and carve your own path, you’re not alone. I have been there myself and am here to guide you through transitioning from a corporate job to becoming a successful […]

There I was, sweating my butt off on a treadmill with my arms pumping like crazy and my eyes continually scanning the screen as I watched my heart rate climb. As I adjusted my heart rate monitor, I glanced around the orange-lit room of my new place of employment just hours into my first day […]

Side Hustling: How to logically and confidently expand your income streams

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Accomplish More and Maximize Your Time With These 15 Productivity Hacks

Are you struggling to dial down the crazy in your week? Not getting things done and then beating yourself up about it? Hello and welcome to my world. I can’t tell you how many evenings have gone by where I have spent (and wasted) a lot of energy thinking about all the tasks and projects […]

Are you itching to do something new? Have you been dreaming of starting your own business? Are you struggling to determine what that new thing might be or what steps you need to take to get there? Or perhaps you know more about what you don’t want to do than what you do want to […]

Passion Mapping: The Multi-Passionate’s Guide to Starting their Entrepreneurial Journey

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How To Create Your Personal Dream Team To Get Unstuck and Start Living Your Best Life

We all go through phases in life where we settle for the chaos and monotony because we either accept our fate or feel selfish investing in ourselves (or both!). We may feel too busy to add one more thing to our plate at work to further our learning and value. We may feel guilty about […]

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