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Are you seeking clarity, focus, and motivation? Are you a high-performing individual, entrepreneur, or business leader? Do you need a trusted teammate to support you in achieving your goals as you work through a life transition or personal growth moment? 

There is only one ‘You’. Don’t stop the world from benefiting from your awesomeness because you are struggling to keep your head on straight or lacking the confidence to overcome imposter syndrome. We can uncover the baby steps or giant leaps you can take to move forward meaningfully, intentionally, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

One-on-One Coaching

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Are you ready to align your value to your personal brand? To improve your personal sustainability and increase your professional passion?

Brandi’s approach to coaching executives includes space for self-discovery and personal growth exploration. Understanding what makes you thrive in your work environment, how you “show up” and self-organize, and how you navigate the expectations of others are important to optimizing your professional performance. You’ll move forward with a renewed sense of passion around your role and goals, a reimagined approach to your work, and a clearer focus on your value to your team.

Executive Coaching

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It’s no secret that business operations and culture have dramatically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are facing a “reset” as they consider the long-term effectiveness of their old strategies and the reality that a new normal is here to stay.

Applying a tailored methodology based upon the maturity of your business and the area of focus for optimization, Brandi will partner with you to understand cultural health, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness and resilience, while revealing risks and bringing goals into focus as part of her E&O Signature Program. This program is for entrepreneurs and small business leaders who desire business coaching to optimize their resources for each phase of growth and foster a culture of engagement. (Consulting services are also available upon demand on an hourly basis.)

Business Consulting

“When considering Brandi’s coaching style, words like inspiring, empowering, and motivating come to mind. To be honest, though, these words have begun to lose their meaning from overuse and in contexts (like personal and business consulting) where they’re nothing more than the name of the game. What makes Brandi stand apart from—and above—the rest is unquestionably her spirited commitment to your goals/hopes/aspirations. It’s this intrinsic quality of hers that she brings to every task, every action plan, every relationship.”

"Brandi has not only helped me navigate the most challenging times of this firm’s evolution and growth but has done so with grace, professionalism, and selflessness."

“I could use an endless series of adjectives to describe Brandi as a business leader and coach, but here are a few: approachable, encouraging, empowering, honest and open, knowledgeable and confident.” 

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