December 5, 2023

Empowering Podcasts for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Picks


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Meet Brandi Keiser

Hey there, ambitious ladies ready to conquer the world of entrepreneurship! If you’re seeking inspiration, insights, and advice to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve come to the right place. I am all about encouraging women to take the leap to entrepreneurship and achieve their dreams. Last year, I launched The Goal Getter’s Life Podcast. This was inspired by some amazing women who have our ears on fire already with the wealth of knowledge and resources they share. In fact, I have curated a list of the top ten podcasts that every new female entrepreneur should tune into (actually, in no particular order). So, grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired!

1. She Did It Her Way

   Hosted by Amanda Boleyn, this podcast features interviews with successful female entrepreneurs who share their stories and strategies. You’ll gain valuable insights into building a business on your terms.

2. The Female Entrepreneur Musician

   Bree Noble, a musician and entrepreneur, offers guidance and motivation for women pursuing creative careers. She discusses everything from marketing to mindset.

3. Online Marketing Made Easy

   Amy Porterfield’s podcast is a goldmine for digital entrepreneurs. She breaks down online marketing strategies and provides actionable tips to grow your business.

4. The Goal Digger Podcast

   Jenna Kutcher is all about helping you chase your dreams. Tune in to learn about entrepreneurship, social media, and building a brand that stands out.

5. Women Who Startup Radio

   Lizelle van Vuuren highlights the journeys of female founders and innovators. It’s an excellent resource for connecting with a supportive community.

6. The BizChix Podcast

   Natalie Eckdahl focuses on business strategies and leadership. Her podcast is tailored to women who are scaling their businesses and aiming for success.

7. How I Built This

   While not exclusively for women, this NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz showcases inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who’ve built successful companies from scratch.

8. The Side Hustle School

   Chris Guillebeau shares daily episodes about turning side hustles into profitable businesses. Perfect for those looking to start small and grow big.

9. Being Boss

   Hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, this podcast delves into the life and work of creative entrepreneurs. It offers insights on everything from mindset to managing your business.

10. The Marie Forleo Podcast

    Marie Forleo’s wisdom is legendary. Her podcast covers various aspects of life and business, offering practical advice and a dose of inspiration.

Remember, success in entrepreneurship is all about learning, growing, and adapting. These podcasts are fantastic resources to help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. No matter where you are in the world or on your journey, these shows are just a click away. So, plug in, get inspired, and take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level!

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