February 16, 2021

5 Things To Ask Yourself When Considering Launching Your Own Business

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Meet Brandi Keiser

I woke up one morning with the insatiable itch to try something new in my professional life. I had a little voice in the back of my head that had been getting louder in recent years, and it was encouraging me to start my own business. While my heart raced with excitement about the potential of striking out on my own and building something aligned to my passion, I had no idea precisely what it was I had to offer the world from a business perspective or if anyone would buy it.

With coffee in one hand and my laptop in the other, I began journaling the thoughts in my head to inspire some progress towards a more focused vision of what might be possible for me in my entrepreneurial journey. This exercise allowed me to see the forest through the trees of the potential options for the restless entrepreneur inside.

Below are five questions you can explore for yourself to yield some clarity around the incredibly fulfilling leap to being your own boss:

1) What are your strengths and gifts that others can benefit from? List those things that you are good at… all of your tangible and intangible skills and qualities. Identify your talents and how you might be a resource to others.

2) What are you passionate about? What immediately invokes joy when it comes to mind? Jot down the thing(s) that you love to do in your current job and in life. Is it helping others? Is it being influential? Is it crafting things? Is it being an expert in something?

3) What is your “why”? Identify your purpose in life. Consider what makes you fulfilled and let that be your north star when planning what your entrepreneurial life could be like. When we are clear on our why, the what, how and when tend to become the means to the end.

4) What step can you take in the next 24 hours to further explore your idea(s)? With so much information readily available with one simple search on the internet, there is no shortage of material to help educate and inspire you to begin mapping out a plan to bring your ideas to life.

5) How will you hold yourself accountable to your entrepreneurial goal? If, after answering these questions, you are motivated to commit to entrepreneurship, how will you remain committed to your dream when fear and self-doubt creep in? Whether it be checking in with someone about your progress or establishing a tracking mechanism for your actions, it is essential to determine what will work best for you to ensure you stay focused on the big picture as you progress.

Giving a megaphone to the little voice in your head through mindfully exploring your passion is a rewarding first step towards pursuing a new goal. Bringing focus to your ideas and considering what actions you can take in the near-term to make progress is a simple yet effective way to begin your journey down a new path.

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