Business Consulting

Helping growing organizations reengage with their values and goals to focus on what what matters most to optimize operations.

It’s no secret that business operations and culture have dramatically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are facing a “reset” as they consider the long-term effectiveness of their old strategies and the reality that a new normal is here to stay.

Applying a tailored methodology based upon the maturity of your business and the area of focus for optimization, Brandi will partner with you to understand cultural health, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness and resilience, while revealing risks and bringing goals into focus as part of her E&O Signature Program. This program is for entrepreneurs and small business leaders who desire business coaching to optimize their resources for each phase of growth and foster a culture of engagement. (Consulting services are also available upon demand on an hourly basis.)

“Brandi’s commitment to the firm’s ideals, values, vision, and potential has infused our firm with passion and truly made us the “family” that we are today. There is so much I have learned from observing her, working with her, and listening to her.”  

– CEO, Growing professional services firm