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Are you seeking clarity and support as you rise up and fully realize your potential? I am a coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals, and driven side-hustlers to grow personally and professionally in pursuit of their best life. I see you!

growth. fulfillment. authenticity. resilience.

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I support high-performance individuals and entrepreneurs to help them overcome the challenges that come with growth and periods of feeling stuck to achieve a more fulfilling future.

I’m passionate about helping YOU ‘rise again’ in fierce pursuit of your goals.

I'm Brandi.

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From coaching for personal growth and professional development to consulting on side-hustling, passion projects, and entrepreneurship, I am here for you. As I well know, chasing big dreams is a lot more fun with a roadmap and someone to shine a light on the path. (That's me... I hold the space for you to make the magic!)



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From in-depth experience, actionable plans, and transparency around handling the real parts of life that can sometimes be messy, this podcast is like a personal growth coach in your ear to help you achieve your most ambitious goals and transform your life. 

You will learn how to cultivate your drive, pursue your passion projects, launch your side hustle, and level up in your career. Oh, and we’ll most definitely laugh and fumble through things together along the way… always keepin’ it real!

The Goal Getter’s Life Podcast

“When considering Brandi’s coaching style, words like inspiring, empowering, and motivating come to mind. To be honest, though, these words have begun to lose their meaning from overuse and in contexts (like personal and business consulting) where they’re nothing more than the name of the game. What makes Brandi stand apart from—and above—the rest is unquestionably her spirited commitment to your goals/hopes/aspirations. It’s this intrinsic quality of hers that she brings to every task, every action plan, every relationship.”

"Brandi has not only helped me navigate the most challenging times of this firm’s evolution and growth but has done so with grace, professionalism, and selflessness."

“I could use an endless series of adjectives to describe Brandi as a business leader and coach, but here are a few: approachable, encouraging, empowering, honest and open, knowledgeable and confident.” 

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